Falkirk’s Jewish community

There were around 70 Jews in Falkirk in 1911, but the first synagogue in Falkirk was probably in Sword’s Wynd, round about the First World War, when there were about a dozen Jewish families in the town.  There was a minister, Rev. Gershon Spilg and Hebrew classes. Around 1925, it was replaced by a synagogue in the High Street:

‘A Mr Sidley would come from Glasgow to conduct the Shabbat service.  He would arrive on a Friday afternoon, begin by taking the Cheder, which comprised some seven or eight children, and then conduct the service.  The High Holy Days were conducted by a Mr Dishkant.  In 1946, the synagogue moved to Glebe Street, but closed about a year later….Many of the Jewish families in Falkirk were in the jewellery, decorating, drapery and furniture businesses.’

[Jackie Taylor, “A Communal Revival in Falkirk?”, Edinburgh Star, No 35, July 2000]

A few Jewish families remain in Falkirk, but there is no longer a formal community.