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Abrams, Nathan: Caledonian Jews- A Study of 7 Small Communities in Scotland; London, 2009
Braber, Ben: Jews in Glasgow 1879-1939London, 2007
Collins, Dr KE: Second City Jewry: the Jews of Glasgow in the Age of Expansion, 1790-1919;Glasgow, 1990
Collins, Dr KE (ed): Aspects of Scottish Jewry;Glasgow, 1987
Collins, Dr KE: Be Well!: Jewish Immigrant Health & Welfare in Glasgow; 1860-1914 (2002)
Collins, Dr KE: Go and Learn: the International Story of Jews and Medicine in Scotland; Aberdeen, 1988
Collins, Dr KE: Scotland’s Jews – A Guide to the History and Community of the Jews in Scotland; Glasgow, 1999
Collins, Kenneth E, Harvey Kaplan, Stephen Kliner: Jewish Glasgow-An Illustrated History (Scottish Jewish Archives Centre, Glasgow, 2013)

Collins, Kenneth: The Jewish Experience in Scotland-from Immigration to Integration (SJAC, Glasgow, 2016)

Collins, Kenneth; Newman, Aubrey; Wasserstein, Bernard: Two Hundred Years of Scottish Jewry (Glasgow, 2018) 

Conn, A (ed): Serving Their Country- Wartime Memories of Scottish Jews; Glasgow, 2002
Cowan, Evelyn: Spring Remembered – A Scottish Jewish Childhood; Edinburgh, 1974
Daiches, Prof David: Two Worlds – An Edinburgh Jewish Childhood; Sussex, 1957
Frank, Fiona: Hannah Frank-A Glasgow Artist: Drawings and Sculpture; Scottish Jewish Archives Centre, Glasgow, 2004
Glasgow Jewish Journeys (SJAC/Limmud Scotland, 2006)

Gilfillan, Mark: Jewish Edinburgh: A History, 1880-1950 (Jefferson, North Carolina, 2019)
Glasser, Ralph: Growing Up in the Gorbals; London, 1986
Grant, Marianne: I Knew I was Painting for My Life The Holocaust Artworks of Marianne Grant; Glasgow Museums, 2002 – Edited by Deborah Haase and Ellen McAdam.
Hofman, Ethel G: Mackerel at Midnight – Growing Up Jewish on a Remote Scottish Island; Philadelphia, 2005
Hutt, C & Kaplan, HL (eds): A Scottish Shtetl – Jewish Life in the Gorbals, 1880-1974; Glasgow, 1984
Kaplan, HL: The Gorbals Jewish Community in 1901; SJAC, 2006
Levy, Rev Ernest: Just One More Dance; Edinburgh, 1998
Levy, Abraham: The Origins of Glasgow Jewry, 1812-1895; Glasgow, 1949
Levy, A: The Origins of Scottish Jewry; JHSE, 1958
Livingston, Harvey M: From Strength to Strength – 100 Years of Service, 1903-2003; Glasgow Jewish Lads Brigade, 2004
Phillips, Abel: A History of the Origins of the First Jewish Community in Scotland: Edinburgh, 1816; Edinburgh, 1979
Scottish Annual Reunion of Kinder: Recollections of Child Refugees from 1938 to the Present; Glasgow, 1999